"Captivating and terrifying concept. Beautifully written, the author creates relentless and escalating tension. Great characters, whose motivation is always at the forefront of the novel giving them an eerie sense of purpose and determination. Fabulous attention to detail, makes the whole experience riveting. The book is quite unputdownable."

Eric Styles, Director of Dreaming of Joseph Lees

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"Well researched, plotted and written. From the opening scene, Ben hooks you into his well-researched and constructed world. It's clear he's done his homework."
Tom Wilkinson

"Don't expect to be able to read just one chapter at a time. The set up is terrifyingly plausible, and once you latch onto what he plans to do, you can't put it down. If you like an engaging, fast paced page turner, you'll love this."
David Rainey

"I don't read a ton of fiction books, but I really enjoyed 11/9. Ben's writing style is easy to follow, but adds plenty of depth to the characters and story. 11/9 is exciting from page 1, and I can't wait to read more of his writing. This would be a great book for summer vacation."

"Techy, believable, a good ol' page-turner. Bravo! Very much written like a movie, with numerous concurrent threads, all tied together at the end in a climactic manner. I'm looking forward to reading more of Ben's work!"
Simon Crabb

"An exciting and well researched contemporary novel-- "un-put-down-able" so don't start reading until you have a few hours to spare!"

"Fantastic twisting plot which promises lots and delivers even more! I'll be taking my next holiday by train."
Ian Fisher

"The novel draws you in from the get-go, then the pace and tension of this techno-thriller is masterly. Technical research is Forsythesque and the characterisation proficient and believable. A first novel, self-published, without big budget PR hype behind it... and yet a blockbusting page-turner results. Imagine Dan Brown being undiscovered and having the Da Vinci Code lying on dusty Amazon shelves before the virality hits. This is 11/9."
Dom C

"You'll think twice next time you get on a plane. Good read with lots of detail. Pace picks up throughout to the point that it's hard to stop reading!"
Tom Rush

"Great plot, great writer! I couldn't put this book down! The attention to detail and research is impressive and the plot draws you in from the first page. I very much enjoyed the writing style as well as the story and eagerly await the next book."

"A superb first novel in the Michael Crichton tradition. Read from start to finish without a pause. This techno-thriller is far too believable by half, something that pretty much defines the best of the genre. Believable characters, believable plot and finely focused accuracy."

"Really good read - ending was worthy of Fredrick Forsythe in terms of page turning. Recommended."

"A well researched and well written storyline with exquisite attention to detail. A superlative read - can't wait for the movie!"
Oli H

"Very intelligent terrorism-plot. Good characters and a plausible approach make this fun to read!"

Average ratings: 4.6/5 on Amazon.com, 5.0/5 on Amazon.co.uk and 4.54/5 on Goodreads.